Yen Ching


Yen Ching is a 60-minute documentary film taking a fresh look at the family dynamics in a Chinese restaurant of the same name. The film takes an intimate look at the how a typical Chinese restaurant owner, named Chen, and his children, practice their very different American dreams. Yen Ching sheds light on the Chinese restaurant owner’s life as it explores his dilemma. Neither of his sons, for very different reasons, wants to follow the traditional Chinese/Chinese-American path in which children take over the family business.

Quite an undertaking in a time slot barely exceeding one hour. And an admirable undertaking, if a not-at-all startling production directed by Yinan Wang.
HBO’s Emerging Voice award 2018 Milwaukee Film festival

Milwaukee Film Festival
Days of Ethnographic Film by Institute of Slovenia Ethnology
Wisconsin Film Festival
ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna